Collectible Art and Frames
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Digital Printing

Collectible Art's highly trained staff uses state of the art equipment. We produce professional work with a fast turn around at a
reasonable rates.
Contact us for an estimate.
  • We can digitally render, repair, and alter nearly any image.
  • We are able reproduce your image using the original work (no matter the size), or from a print, CD/DVD, or a USB device.
  • Large Format Printing Available (up to 44”x90”)
  • Choice of archival paper or canvas
  • All canvas prints are coated with a UV protective coating
  • Printing prices as low as $6 per square foot
Epson 9800 printerWhat is Giclee? The French term Giclee is a french term that means "to spray". The fine art giclee printing process starts with digitally scanning an original work of art or image. The image is then printed (sprayed) onto a substrate of paper, canvas, or other material.

The high resolution ink-jet printers we use in this process print with continuous tone technology, in which infinitely small pixels of color are capable of creating amazingly accurate reproductions of the original image.

Our eight-color printer produces fine art prints of unmatched quality with a wide color gamut, high resolution, and long lightfast properties.